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Harry Wheeler Distinguished Service Award

Temple Sinai’s Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a person who has served the congregation in a notable fashion a span of several years. The award was first presented in 1956 by the founding rabbi of Temple Sinai, Rabbi Beryl Cohon. In the beginning, this honor was called the Man of the Year and it was awarded by the Temple Brotherhood. But in 1978, we changed the name of the award to The Distinguished Service Award and named Janet Pearlman as the first female awardee. The award continued to be run by the Brotherhood, and later, the “Adulthood”, the joint Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the time. In 1994, it became a temple function and the choice of awardee fell to a committee, with ratification by the Board of Trustees. In 1995, the award was renamed the Harry Wheeler Distinguished Service Award, in honor of the late Harry Wheeler, a much respected, long time temple member, whose many contributions to Temple Sinai exemplified distinguished service.

Past Recipients Harry Wheeler Distinguished Service Award

1956               Saul Kaplan*

1957               David Lurensky*

1958               Elliot Bachner*

1959               William Kopans*

1960               Henri Schwartzberg*

1961               Henry Van Dam*

1962               Harry Wheeler*

1963               Walter Cobe*

1964               William N. Wheeler*

1965               George Sparks*

1966               Julian Solinger*

1967               Aaron H. Sibley*

1968               Max Tobin*

1969               Alvin Caplan*

1970               Dr. Joseph Franklin*

1971               Bernard Lemlein*

1972               Benjamin Berkowitch*

1973               Marvin Sparrow

1974               Benjamin Goldfarb*

1975               Harold Gorin*

1976               Richard A. Kaye*

1977               Walter Kaufman*

1978               Janet Pearlman*

1979               Lillian Shulman*

1980               Mollie Sibley*

1981               Dr. Yale Berry*

1982               Eleanor Lewis

1983               Richard Hackel

1984               Abbe Cohen

1985               Judith Freedman Caplan

1986               Ernest Starr*

1987               Jane T. Wanger

1988               Jerold A. Gilmore

1989               Dr. Howard Weintraub*

1990               Dr. Michael Blau

1991               Dr. Theodore I. Steinman

1992               Harry Shulman

1993               Dr. Robert L. Thurer

1994               Dr. Jeremy M. Wolfe

1995               Arlene Weintraub

1996               Jack Stevens

1997               Sheila Shulman

1998               Roz Bernheimer

1999               Marc Cooper

2000               Rabbi Frank Waldorf

2001               Rose Beth Mandelbaum

2002               Dianne Blau

2003               Donald Solomon

2004               Janet Wagner

2005               Judith Ferber

2006               Mark Kagan

2007               Dennis Cerrotti

2008               Rochelle Seltzer

2009               Cathy Cotton

2010               Zippy Ostroy

2011               Harvey Cotton

2012               Enid Shapiro

2013               Michael Klau

2014               Alex Cooper

2015               Ellen Bruder-Moore

2016               Pauline Gerson