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Temple Sinai

50 Sewall Avenue
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: (617) 277-5888

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Music, Prayer and Ritual

The Music, Prayer and Ritual Committee advises and supports the rabbi in matters concerning the music, prayer and ritual activities of the congregation. If you are interested in joining us or if you have comments and opinions to share, please contact committee chair Jeremy Wolfe at (Note: the MPR Committee is currently setting up small “study” groups to investigate issues that are important for its future work. Find out more and how you can get involved)

As the voice of the congregation on these matters, the Committee strives to be aware at all times of the spiritual needs of the congregation. In partnership with the congregation’s clergy, the Committee formulates policy for ritual activities that are part of the life of the congregation.

Specific responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • providing guidelines for ritual experience and, when necessary, creating policies to support our minhagim (customs), in collaboration and consultation with the clergy;
  • cultivating the participation of the congregation in services and ritual activities;
  • establishing policies regarding the use of the Sanctuary space and sacred objects of the Temple;
  • supporting the cantor in achieving the overall vision for music in the congregation;
  • maintaining an awareness of current trends of religious practice in the Reform movement, and taking a leadership role in their interpretation at Temple Sinai;
  • developing the budget for expenses connected with all religious services, including music.

The Committee and clergy members are aware of their shared role and responsibility for the spiritual life of the congregation. Their work together requires a special relationship of respect and understanding. The Committee recognizes the special learning and training of the members of the clergy, while the clergy recognize the need for input by the lay members of the Committee and congregation. Actions of the Committee are under the oversight of the Board of Trustees.