Today is February 20th, 2018 -

Temple Sinai

50 Sewall Avenue
Brookline, MA 02446
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Adult Education

Life-long Jewish learning has always been a core value of Temple Sinai. Our founding rabbi, Beryl D. Cohon, referred to Temple Sinai as “a teaching synagogue,” a place where Jews could draw from the “Well of Jewish Learning” by pursuing higher Jewish education well into adulthood. It was he who chose the unofficial slogan of Temple Sinai from the Psalms: “Give me understanding, that I may live.” Rabbi Cohon taught that Jews must continue in our Jewish learning throughout our lifetimes.

Today, as with the founding generation at Temple Sinai and every generation of Jews, we maintain this commitment to Jewish learning for adults. We are called “the People of the Book.”  Learning for Jews is a path guiding us towards righteous living, towards self-fulfillment and sensing the holy. Life-long Jewish learning is crucial for us as Reform Jews, because our credo is “informed choice”; choosing from the broad span of Jewish tradition is only possible once we have immersed ourselves in studying it. Jewish learning enables us to pursue spiritual meaning, ethical ideals, and holy lives.

Our Adult Learning program at Temple Sinai should challenge us to grow intellectually, spiritually and personally as modern Jews living in the midst of our community. It should strengthen ties between the members of our congregation, facilitate our competency and comfort with Jewish tradition, and inspire us to re-interpret our ancient Jewish past in our contemporary Jewish present. Most of all, life-long Jewish learning should help us continue on our Jewish journey, to help us grow as Jews.

– Rabbi Andrew Vogel