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Temple Sinai

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At Temple Sinai, we believe that music elevates the soul; music deepens our Shabbat prayer experience and our connection with God. At Shabbat services, we strive to create a musical environment that invites members of the congregation to sing, and to experience uplift as they participate actively in prayer.

We regularly use piano and guitar at Shabbat services. Once a month Shabbat services are accompanied by a Shabbat band to add clarinet, violin, drums, ukulele and vocals. We hope our congregation experiences the joy and rest of Shabbat through music, as well as to meditative opportunities, facilitated by beautiful Jewish prayer music.

We invite you to enrich your own prayer and Shabbat experience by learning more of the music of Jewish prayer. Here are weblinks to some of the music and prayers that we often sing at Shabbat morning or evening services at Temple Sinai:

L’chu N’ranena (for Friday night) – composed by Joel Segel

Mizmor Shir L’Yom HaShabbat (composed by Yoel Sykes)

Adonai Oz (Psalm 29) – (composed by Yoel Sykes)

L’cha Dodi – for Friday evening (composed by Nava Tehillah)
L’cha Dodi – for Friday evening (composed by Abie Rotenberg)
L’cha Dodi – for Friday evening (as sung at Congregation Kol HaNeshama in Jerusalem)

Shir Chadash (Psalm 96, for Friday night) – composed by Julie Silver

Barchu (call to prayer) – composed by Cantor Rachelle Nelson
Barchu (call to prayer) – composed by Noah Aronson [includes English, which we do not generally sing at Temple Sinai]

Halleluyah (Psalm 150, for Shabbat morning) – composed by Debbie Friedman

V’shamru (Torah verses about Shabbat) – composed by Shlomo Carlebach
V’shamru (Torah verses about Shabbat) – composed by C. Rothberg

Adonai S’fatai Tiftach (meditation before the Amidah) – composed by Craig Taubman

Shalom Rav (Friday evening prayer for peace) – composed by Jeff Klepper & Danny Friedlander

Mi Sheberach (prayer for healing for body and mind) – composed by Debbie Friedman

Yedid Nefesh (Friday evening melody to welcome Shabbat) – folk melody

Sh’ma (version occasionally sung at Temple Sinai on Friday nights) – composed by Tzvika Pik

Kol Yoshvei Tevel (composed by Joel Segel)